MALAMUSE NEWS - Sept 02, 2022

Malamuse News 

Hello my friends & Happy September! 

I hope you've all had an awesome summer.  As we're approaching Fall and so many of you are headed back-to-school, I just wanted to share a few things with you, including a funny story.  

First, it was great to see so many of you come out to the shows I shared in the last newsletter.  A lot of you were at the Westbury Arts show which was an incredible concert.  I'll have video from that soon so stay tuned!  We also had a great turnout at our show in Dante Park, NYC - the weather was gorgeous and we had so much fun with the audience. One woman said to me afterward how perfect it was that we played my arrangement of "Light My Fire" while behind us we had the perfect backdrop -- a statue of Dante, the author who wrote "Inferno" Yea, it was pretty hot! 😂 

Speaking of Dante Park, a funny thing happened just before we started to play -- so we're all set up beneath the trees and we're happy because we have shade, and everything's perfect.  We're just minutes from starting, when a bird "blessed" my keyboard with an 'offering' -- I know!!!! 😳 Fortunately for me, I had just stepped away from the keyboard to speak to a friend (Janice), and when I returned to where I'd been sitting that's when I made the discovery. The good folks at Lincoln Square BID hurried off to get me some wet wipes so I could wipe the mess away in the nick of time.  In all the years I've played beneath trees, that's never happened.  Anyway, big thanks to Janice showing up when she did, because otherwise I'm afraid that bird might've blessed my head instead! #BirdPoopisnotagoodlook! 
Some of you might remember it was one year ago that I almost drowned in my car during the Hurricane Ida flash floods. What a scary night that was. I still get choked up when I think about the overwhelming outpouring of kindness and support I received from so many of you. You guys really came through, helping me replace my car and all the equipment I lost in the flood -- I'll never forget that. (For those who don't know the story, I shared it on FB - you can read it here.) 

I shared the story on FB mainly because I wanted everybody to know about the car safety hammer that allowed me to break the window and escape from the car before it completely filled with water (big thanks to my youngest daughter, Keri, for randomly giving me the safety hammer with a "just in case you might need it, Mom, you never know.") Now, with hurricane season upon us again, I urge you to get yourself one of those tools.  You may never need it, and I hope you don't, but better safe than sorry ~ Love you guys!  

Link for Amazon Car Safety Hammer

OK now ~ last but not least, here's my calendar of upcoming performances for September 2022 - hope to see you soon! 😘😍 


134 Main St 
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 
Solo piano/vocal 

w/ Christopher Dean Sullivan Duo  
"Art of Giving" fundraiser  
Colonial Spring Golf Club 
Farmingdale, NY  

The Jazz Foundation presents 
The Firey String Sistas 
(outdoor concert) 
Brooklyn Museum 
(Beer Garden-Outdoors) 
200 Eastern Pkwy 
Brooklyn, NY 

134 Main St 
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 
Duo with bassist, Jim Cammack 

Polpo Restaurant 
Greenwich, CT 
solo piano/vocal 

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