From the recording Deep Resonance

Track 2 from the newly released, "Deep Resonance" CD (Soulful Sound Music) which features Allen Won on bass flute & Mala Waldron (vocals, piano)


"MON AMOUR” (music & lyric by Mala Waldron)
I believe in magic 'cause
I've seen it in your smile
I believe that things unfold
like stories told that
make you want to
linger for awhile
Then I found that I was falling
like a star upon the shore
Mon amour, mon amour
How I love the many colors
of your rainbow voice
And that strange magnetic field
that pulled me with such force
as if I never had a choice
Then I dropped all my defenses
fully open to explore
Mon amour, mon amour
I want to feel your arms
around me, rolling softly and free
I want to breathe your love
surround me warm and tender
Glowing like an ember
in sweet surrender
I've been to paradise
just gazing in your eyes
And I know the tide of tears
that rises every time
we say goodbye
'Cause your love for me
is a miracle and it's
you that I adore
Mon amour, mon amour
Mon amour