... Waldron delivers. Expanding this set from her original vision, the former tyro ... has matured into the kind of pro that would make everyone ... quite proud with this stuff that really does come right from the soul.  Well done.” - Chris Spector, Editor

Midwest Record

[Waldron] sings in a silken contralto with a whispering vibrato so apt for the sensuous, soulful songs that she composes. She is a wonderful writer whose lyricism puts her in a class by herself. She tells stories which are riveting." This may be a very short album but you would be remiss if you did not acquire your copy. She sings with a perfectly shaded mixture of power and melancholic sensitivity"  Clearly Mala Waldron is the artist to watch.” - Raul DaGama


 "Richly crepuscular and emotive, Deep Resonance frames Waldron in full possession of her composing and performance facilities ready to take on the world.” - C. Michael Bailey

All About Jazz

Her voice and delivery have an earnestness and sincerity, whle her touch on piano is confident ... Impressive.” - George W. Harris

Jazz Weekly

When you hear Mala Waldron's soulful voice on Always There, you realize that you are experiencing something very special, for Waldron is not only an accomplished vocalist and songwriter, but also a fine pianist who hits the keys with great precision, bringing various musical influences into the jazz realm.” - Ernest Barteldes

All About Jazz

...she's her own singer as she seems to interpret the vocal tradition in her singular & unique style of rendition ... She's a keeper!" ” - George W. Carroll


The soulful originals on "Always There" allow Mala Waldron to communicate emotionally, while her genius at the piano and keyboards allows her to communicate musically. The two modes overlap, of course, as she interprets lyrics and scats with authority.” - Jim Santella

All About Jazz

... ["Always There"] rises a notch or two above the norm, especially when considering the seemingly endless flow of female jazz/pop vocalists cropping up these days. (Not to be overlooked...)” - Glenn Asterita

Jazz Review

... combines the best of the soul and jazz world. ” - Dirk Binsau


Sophisticated Soul-Jazz at its best!” - Barry Towler

— Soul Express (UK)