1. Feelin For You

From the recording Deep Resonance

Track 6 from the new "Deep Resonance" CD and featuring Vincent Gardner on trombone and Mala Waldron on vocals & piano.


When I wake up in the morning
with a smile upon my face
because I've been dreaming
dreaming about you
And I just can't wait til I see you next
Makes me feel just like a child (like a child)
Like a sunny day, you make it all worthwhile
And I Know that you feel it too
I can tell by the things you do
And the look that's in your eye
Lets me know that it's not a lie
And it feels too good to be true
I'm so happy since I met you
I want to know you inside out
Climb a mountaintop & shout
Feelin for you, you
Feelin for you, you, you
And I know that I can't forget you
Sure 'nuff since the day I met you
This feeling for you, you, you
When I wonder how you're doing
That's when you always seem to call
The moment I hear your voice
I know that you're alright
And you lift me up with the things you say
Help me make it through the day
You inspire me in your very special way
(oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
And I know that you're mine all mine
You're my sweetness, my valentine
And there's nothing I wouldn't do
Just to prove that my love is true
When you hold me you make me melt
It's the best that I've ever felt
And at times I can't express
All my joy and happiness
(Chorus): Feeling for you, you
Feeling for you, you, you
And you know that I can't forget you
Sure 'nuff since the day I met you
This feelin for you, you, you, you, you
This feelin for ...