From the recording Deep Resonance

Track 5 from the new 'Deep Resonance" CD and features Allen Won on bass flute, Jonathon Peretz on percussion and Mala Waldron piano and vocals. 


"Free as the Wind" (Margot’s Song)
Free as the wind blows through the
Beechwood trees
I heard her song
it came to me
Lovely as a wildflower
Growing in the mountains that glint
silver in the sun
And her smile warms everyone
Look in her eyes
Wherein the truth can’t hide
Colors that change
Reveal her mood
Natural as the grass grows
Bright as when the stars glow
And eternal as the moon
With a love always in bloom
(Bridge) Breath of fresh air
Just like Lozère
We can go there anytime -- in our minds
Remembering the things you said
Books you read
All is kept
In the universal mind
Clear as a bell
Deep as a wishing well
She loves the land
She lives in peace
She can make you smile and
Laugh away your troubles
A free spirit soaring high
And she knows just how to fly
© 2010