A Jazz Symphonic Dream: Featured Vocalist with Magna Grecia Orchestra


One of the things I love most about being an independent free lance musician is that there are always news firsts.  It virtually NEVER gets old!  I get to step just a little bit more out of my comfort zone and it's wonderful because I'm always challenged to bring my best to every new situation.  

Well, I got a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream when I performed my music last month with a 45-piece jazz symphony - the Magna Grecia Orchestra led by maestro, Alfonso Girardo.  I owe this magnificent opportunity first of all to drummer, Alessandro Napolitano, whose idea it was for me to join in this collaboration along with his Jonio Jazz Trio (featuring Mirko Maria Matera on piano, Dominique DiPiazza on bass and himself on drums.)  

What made the deal even sweeter and more special for me is that the conductor arranged and orchestrated a few of my original compositions to include in our concert.  Performances were booked in three cities in Italy (Matera, Bari & Taranto.)  I was filled with anticipation at the the thought of this dream-come-true event.  Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, 2 of the 3 concerts were canceled but happily the weather held up for the 3rd which took place on August 13 in Taranto at the Teatro Villa Peripato.  

Alfonso Girardo is a brilliant composer and I have to say he really did a fantastic job with orchestrating my music.  We did "Ellie" - "Truth's Calling" and "He's My Father" as well as a number of jazz standards to a sold out audience.  And now, I'm happy to share with you this LIVE recording from the concert of "He's My Father" (which I wrote for my father years ago and recently revamped.)  

I'm very excited about this project and have high hopes that we'll collaborate on future projects, and maybe even fulfill another lifelong dream of recording an album of my original music with a symphonic orchestra. Yesss!!! I hope you'll enjoy this recording and leave some comments below.  Please feel free to share it as well with your friends.   


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