Featured in new book about Women & Creativity

We're very much looking forward to the publication of an exciting new book entitled, “GIVING BIRTH TO SOUND: Women in Creative Music.”  The book is being published by Buddy's Knife Jazz Edition (publisher) with Renate Da Rin (Editor) in cooperation with William Parker (Co-Editor.)  I'm deeply honored and thrilled to be among the wonderfully talented women featured in this anthology which will document the many-varied philosophies, perspectives, thoughts and opinions of these female musical artists from around the world and their views on life, music and creativity.  Some of the other featured women are:  FAY VICTOR, KALI Z, SUMI TANOOKA, LISA SOKOLOV, LIZ MAGNES AND RENEE BAKER - just to name a few!



“Giving Birth to Sound” will be presented at the Vision Festival XX, July 2015, in New York City. Special mention to Terry Jenoure for the Art work and Jorgo Schäfer for the Cover Design.  Sign up for our mailing list (over on the right side of this page) so we can keep you posted on book signings and other events associated with its publication.  



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