"Girls in the Band" Documentary

Though I haven't gotten around to viewing this myself yet, the much anticipateddocumentary

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    "The Girls in the Band," by director Judy Chaikin, about the history of women in jazz up to the present has finally been released! By all accounts the film is very good, and gives long overdue exposure to some very talented ladies (Oh, by the way, a couple of little birdies told me that yours truly can be seen in the film too -- somewhere near the end.)   


  • Which brings me to my last item: this photo (below), which may or may not seem familiar to you.  It's affectionately called "Another Great Day in Harlem" (after the original one which featured mostly male jazz artists of the day.)  This new photo shoot was organized by Ms. Chaikin in connection with the release of her film.  I'm very honored to have been asked to participate in it.  *NOTE* Free CD to the 1st person to point me out.  No fair if you were at the shoot!  [You can click on the pic for a larger version on the "Girls in the Band" website]








Ok, that's all for this edition.   Take care & I looking forward to seeing you very soon!  



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