Mala in Moscow!



August 7, 2012 -- I just got back from Moscow and what a great time I had!  It was my first time there and the plan was for me to bring my music and perform there with local musicians.  A…


"Girls in the Band" Documentary

Though I haven't gotten around to viewing this myself yet, the much anticipateddocumentary

  • 9 "The Girls in the Band," by director Judy Chaikin, about the history of women in jazz up to the present has finally been released!…

Thoughts on Creativity

My creativity is like a child who beckons me to play with her, who is given to pouting and even throwing tantrums when feeling too neglected. My job is to keep her happy, allowing her every opportunity to play and…


Long time, No See

You may have noticed that it's been more than a "minute" since you heard from me.  After checking my records, I see that it's actually been two years!  I guess I could bore you with talk about the economy and…


We're Off to Italy!

Catania Jazz Festival - Here We Come!!

Hosted By:
Mala Waldron/Pompeo Benincasa for Catania Jazz

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We start off here --

Teatro Metropolitan
Viale Strasburgo 358

Then, we're off to:

12 FEB Teatro Metropolitan -…


Columbia Music Licenses "Always There"

"Always There" was licensed by Columbia Music Ent. and released in Japan in Nov. 2006. The new release includes 2 bonus tracks & can be bought only in Japan or online at such outlets as Amazon (import), HMV or Tower…


Life & Soul Promotions (UK) - Interview

MA: Tell me about yourself, where you from, your family


MW: I was born in New York City to parents who were jazz pianists.  Many people know of my father's work, but my mother also earned a living as a


"Always There" Named Soul Express "Album of the Month"

Barry Towler of the UK had some really wonderful things to say about "Always There."  He begins by saying:  

"If you want a classy album of soulful jazz then look no further than Mala is the daughter of pianist /