Oh, What a Night! Great Concert @ Trinity Place

Sometimes life gets so busy and I get caught up in just keeping things going, getting from point A to point B, that I forget to take a moment to just reflect and be grateful for all my blessings.  Now is one of those moments.  We had a wonderful concert the other night at Trinity Place. I'd never performed in that venue before and it looked like the show our turn-out might be negatively affected by the buckets of rain that were coming down on us.  We had renewed hope when the sun came shining through but each time it was followed by yet another deluge!  I know lots of folks who don't step foot out of their doors at the threat of rain so I figured I'd better now count on a full house.  

But despite the weather we managed to have quite a nice turn-out.  The music was in top form, thanks to guitarist - Steve Salerno, bassist - Marcus McLaurine & drummer - Michael T.A. Thompson (What a Band!!!) I made some new friends, gained some new fans, sold CDs & got a surprise visit from one of my cousins who lives in the area.  Everything came together so well thanks to the help of all the wonderful folks @ Trinity Church led by Mozelle Goodwin-Butcher, Lewis & Kirk Music (Sheila Baptista) and last, but not least, my 'Dynamic Duo' - Sylvain Durand & Pierre Durand. Thank you ALL!!! 


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