MALAMUSE NEWS - Sept 02, 2022

Malamuse News 

Hello my friends & Happy September! 

I hope you've all had an awesome summer.  As we're approaching Fall and so many of you are headed back-to-school, I just wanted to share a few things with you, including a…

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Featured in new book about Women & Creativity

We're very much looking forward to the publication of an exciting new book entitled, “GIVING BIRTH TO SOUND: Women in Creative Music.”  The book is being published by Buddy's Knife Jazz Edition (publisher) with Renate Da Rin (Editor) in cooperation…

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Some Things Can't Be Rushed: The Birth of a Song


Just finalized the lyrics for a song I wrote believe it not -- 7 YEARS ago! Procrastinate much?  Well I'll tell you, it wasn't for lack of trying. I just couldn't seem to come up with words that "felt" right…

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JAN 2013 Italy Tour Recap



Jan 23, 2013 -- So I traveled to Italy for a 4-city tour which started in Torino, then on to AlassioLatina and finishing up in Genova.  The whole experience was very exciting, and considering we did…

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Going Back to Italy for Trio Tour

2013 is going to be an exciting year -- hey, it's already starting with a BANG!!!  

I'll be doing a 4-city tour of Italy including Torino, Alassio, Latina & Genova. I'm happy to announce I'll be working with Italian…

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