Jazz/Soul Pianist, Vocalist & Composer

Deep Resonance - Soulful Sound Music - CD

Deep Resonance" is an unplugged-style collection of tunes, mostly original, that give the feeling of being in an intimate setting as Waldron performs just for you. This release consists mostly of duos (with added percussion on a couple of tracks by Jonathon Peretz.)

This long-awaited new recording features wonderful performances by Vincent Gardner (trombone), Allen Won (bass flute), Akua Dixon (cello), Maurizio Rolli (fretless bass) and Jonathon Peretz (multiple percussion,) and will be available for purchase on April 22, 2016.  Pre-orders will be available on iTunes and Amazon on Mar. 26.  Be sure sign up for mailing list for timely news & updates.

"Always There" CD - Soulful Sound Music

First U.S. release for soulful jazz pianist/vocalist.  Features Steve Salerno (guitar), Mimi Jones (aka Miriam Sullivan on bass) and Michael T.A. Thompson (drums, backing vocals) - Produced by Michael T.A. Thompson for Pos Productions.

"Lullabye" - 1996 import - [Tokuma Communications/Japan]

"Lullabye" (import) 2005 - [Re-release - 3361 Black]

He's My Father - (solo piano & vocal performance by Mala Waldron)

Mala wrote this tune as a gift for her father on his 70th birthday.  They recorded it while touring in Japan with it becoming the title track of their first and only duo recording project.  

He's My Father was first released in 1996 on the Tokuma Communications label in Japan.  The album was re-released in 2005 on the 3361/Maturity label.  

You can listen to this track on youtube here.